The Dog Haus Photography Process

Jun 9, 2023 | San Diego Pet Photographer

The Process at Dog Haus Photography

Our most core value at Dog Haus Photography is to make sure both you and your dog feel relaxed, comfortable, and safe all the while having a fun time! Whether you or your dog have been professionally photographed before (or maybe watched something similar on YouTube), we will always walk you through our approach from beginning to end to make sure you are never left wondering what’s next or what to do. Our goal is that you get to not have to think about every single detail (because let’s be real, you likely have to do that every day) and stop to enjoy the overall experience with your canine companion.

Once you schedule your free consultation, the first step is to find out why you inquired in the first place. Let me guess…it was about your dog? How could it not be since our dogs are our everything?! They bring unbounding love, smiles, laughs, and maybe some occasional, shaking your head, frustration from those dog antics that you are envisioning as you read this. You know…stealing a treat off the table, pulling some trash from the bathroom, or maybe getting into your sock collection.


Puppy playing with toilet rolls

After finding out all the reasons why you love your dog, the next step is to find out what you want to do with the photos. Are you looking for wall art, an album, or possibly both? This is a good time to brainstorm where you’d like to showcase your heirloom artwork and the colors of your home. It’s important that we capture the artwork you’ve been dreaming of and worthy of your walls, which is why we will discuss location options that fit your style and your dog’s needs. Remember, this experience is an investment in artwork for your home and forever memories. Speaking of investment, we’ll review our artwork collection packages so there won’t be any surprises. It’s not fun being caught off guard (I have my own horror stories, so I get it).

Dog in a woodland with paws on a tree root

Once you’ve decided that we’re your ideal photographer (I hope it’s us, but I honestly believe you should choose the person/company that makes you feel at ease), we can officially plan a day for your photoshoot!

Now for the exciting part. The day you’ve been looking forward to…the day when your pup gets to shine! If we haven’t met in person yet, the first bit of our meet up will be spent getting your four-legged best friend familiar with the camera before we do anything else. This includes lots of positive association (and ignoring) full of treats, toys, play…you name it! From personal experience, we understand that not every dog likes new people or can be a bit shy. Don’t sweat it! We can keep our distance AND still create incredible photos! It may even surprise you to know that your dog can stay on leash the entire time if required.

While your dog is having “their moment”, you’ll be a part of the process for the entire adventure which may include holding the leash, helping catch your dog’s attention, playing with them, and more importantly, enjoying the moment with your best friend. This session is about your dog, but we will be sure to include a couple of photos of you and your best friend because your bond deserves to be documented. As a heads up, the Dog Haus Photography Experience includes lots of treats, toys, play, many breaks, crazy sounds, some good conversation, and laughter. I won’t blame you for giggling watching me lay on the ground to get the perfect shot…better yet, I’ll be laughing with you! I have no shame.

Dog looking at owner waiting patiently for instructions

Once all is said and done, your watermarked gallery will be delivered to you within the week with slight editing (expect leashes to still be in photos) and available for only 48 hours. The purpose of this is for you to begin picking out your favorite images paired with the artwork you’ve had in mind. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see at least one fully edited image so you know what to expect. After picking out your favorites, we’ll begin working on finalizing all image edits and custom artwork.

At the end of the journey, your experience will be delivered in the form of your chosen artwork. But we hope it was more than that.

We hope it will be an unforgettable moment lasting a lifetime that was shared with your one of a kind dog.


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