Dog and Owner at sunset on the beach.

About Alexis

Let me guess why you’re here. You absolutely love your dog (and/or any other animal you may have) and for good reason.

I’m not sure there is one word to describe the role that dogs play in our lives.

head and shoulders photo of a dog lit by bright sunshine

They are family, best friends, healers, athletes, comedians, definitely therapists, and so much more. Can you imagine the joy humans would miss out on if dogs were not part of our lives? Yeah, let’s not think about that.

Many things intertwine with us as humans that we are likely never to discover and it’s part of my mission to open that door even for a brief moment in time. I believe the Covid-19 pandemic brought about, if anything, what matters most to us to the forefront. For me, it’s connection.

My camera is simply my art medium of choice that allows me to do just that.
Each dog has a story and also a legacy. It’s my job to connect, listen, and capture all the details you love about your dog to ensure they are timelessly honoured leaving you with an experience to last a

Can I keep the leash on my dog?  I worry he will run off!

Of course.  I understand that removing the leash may make you nervous.  As a professional photographer, attention to detail is crucial to the success of a photoshoot.

One such detail is that I can remove you and your dog’s leash in post-production to ensure the focus remains on your pet without any distracting elements.  It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference in the final image.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to our most frequently ask questions we get asked.

My Dog can't sit, not well trained, shy, wild, creative (or any other adjective you may think of)?

I’ve been in your shoes before, so trust me when I say we will make it work. It doesn’t take a pefectly trained companion to capture your favorite photo.

There are lots of tricks up my sleeve to grab the attention of your pets just long enough to get the best photos in addition to them getting many breaks.

My dog can't be off the leash, can we still book?

Absolutely, yes!  Most, if not all of our session will be on a leash unless an off-leash area and your dog has a great recall. My priority is making sure your dog is safe and is a great experience for everyone involved.

Do you only photograph in San Diego?

Our general rule is within an hour of downtown San Diego, however, we love to travel. If you have a special location outside of the area, don’t hesitate to reach out for a custom session!

Where do sessions take place?

It could be the beach, the city, a trail or maybe even your home. During our planning session, we will come up with the perfect lcoation that meets both you and your dog’s needs. I have plenty of location recommendations!

Do I have to be in the photos?

We encourage you to share a moment (or two) that captures the unique bond you share with your dog(s) because you mostly likely don’t have many photos together. We will cover all of your woes during our planning session.

What is included in my photo session?

After your free consultation to see if we are a good fit for your vision, you’ll book our planning session which covers but is not limited to session date, location, details, vision, how to prepare, etc.

Do you only photograph dogs?

No, I’ve actually photographed cats, birds, turkeys and even chickens. If you have a pet other than a dog you’d like to book a session for, please book a consulstation to see if we can make it happen!

Hey there Pet Parents, I’m Alexis!

I’m that girl who walks down the street and smiles at every dog she passes.

I consider myself a dog mom to one of the coolest dogs to ever live, a rescue named Zeppelin. Have you spotted him on the site yet? He’s honestly been my healer in more ways than one, but you can thank him for bringing my photography journey to where it is now.

With years of experience as a buyer and manager for apparel and gift boutiques along with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and sciences with an emphasis in interior design, I have a unique perspective to make your photography session a one-of-a-kind experience. Dog Haus Photography embraces a fusion of professionalism and passion creating quality art featuring the best subject in the world…your loyal hound.

Enough about the serious stuff, let’s talk about the goofy stuff!

  • I love hummingbirds…a lot! I’ve actually had one of these beauties land on me twice when I was in high school.
  • My last meal would be hatch green chile chicken enchiladas (Can you tell I’m from New Mexico originally?).
  • Although an only child, I was raised with all sorts of animals…dogs, cats, tortoises, chickens, and even turkeys!
  • I’ve donated my hair multiple times since high school and most recently January 2023.
  • Podcasts! Yes, I am an obsessive podcast listener.

– Featured in the Mutt Cloth x Sloppy Chops Lookbook

head and shoulders photo of a dog lit by bright sunshine