7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dog Photographer

Apr 25, 2023 | San Diego Pet Photographer


7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Dog Photographer

1: Your dog is your family

If I could make a bet that I think I’d win, it would be that you would say your dog is your family. You spend the same, if not more, time with them as you would with other family members. You miss them when they can’t join you on an errand, even if it’s only 20 minutes, to arrive home with their unleashed tail wagging love the instant you walk through the door as if they hadn’t seen you in years. You feel your connection with your dog is so much more than you can describe with words. It’s a silent bond that exists in your everyday life hitting milestones, highs, lows, and everything in between without judgment. Okay, they may judge you a little bit for eating that snack and not sharing it with them. If you feel this way, my question for you is this… people take the time to hire professional photographers for family/child portraits and major life events, but why not do the same for your canine companion?

2. You don’t have any “good” photos of your scruffy best friend

I’m sure you have selfies favorited, but did they check all your boxes? Are they blurry? Does it show the connection you two share? Or how about my forever problem…not getting my dog to look either at the phone or at me all the while getting into a good position holding my phone up. How about crisp action shots where your dog is oozing personality with their intense gaze or those floppy ears and tongue hanging out?! Those are honestly one of my favorite types of pictures to capture as it’s a moment so quick that we don’t get to see all those details in real time. It’s not until you see the image itself where you’ll be awestruck with amazement and laughter. My guess is that an action shot will be one of your all time favorites.

3. Puppyhood is way too short

Remember when the phrase “adorbs” was popular (or maybe it still is)? When I hear someone say “adorbs”, a picture of a puppy immediately comes to mind. As cute as they are, they can be a bit elusive to the camera.

They sleep most of the day and when awake, they are squirmy little fluffs bursting with energy (and a bit bitey) while growing each day. You only get puppyhood once, so documenting all those “first-year” stages is more than worth it.

4. Your dog is a work of art

No matter if you have a Heinz 57 mutt that you rescued from your local shelter or your dream purebred dog that you were on a waitlist for years, they are all incredibly beautiful animals with a personality all their own. Call me crazy, but that alone is a great reason to invest in art for your home.

Too often we are spending money on art to decorate those sparse walls, yet we don’t have any connection to. I’ll never forget the one time my husband asked me how often I look at the art on my walls. The jokes on him considering that I happen to love art and look at my walls everyday, but ultimately I understood his point. We have art on display that he has no connection to despite my love for it. I can only imagine how many people feel and act this way in their own home. I challenge you to ask your partner, family members, friends, and even yourself that same question. If you’re feeling adventurous, email me your findings and opinion and I will have a little surprise for you.

With that in mind, why not showcase something that brings you joy every day? Better yet, why not invest in heirloom art that begins as an experience shared with your loyal hound? It will be an adventure you’ll always remember and something to look at every single day that will make you smile.

5. Digital files are not enough

If you are like most humans, we have digital images bursting out the seams. Not the best choice of words, but you get it. In your hand, you have a mobile device that takes incredible images in less than a second. Trust me when I say that I see the value in those brilliant little devices, but they come with their own challenges.

Technology can fail at any time including your backups whether that be a hard drive or the magical universe called the cloud. More importantly, how often are you looking at those images? How often do you print those images? Similar to fast fashion, we have a fast camera (phone) that can take a ton of images/videos that you may not look back at until a week from now. Once you run out of space and those images/videos land themselves in your backups, it may be years before you look back at those. No judgment here if you are nodding your head as you read this because I personally have done and experienced this.

Image of Dog on wall art within a bedroom

6. You are getting a photographer who specializes in dogs

Although there are incredible photographers out there, choosing one who specializes in dogs should help to alleviate your stress while also understanding how to make it the best possible experience for your pet. Having a photographer who can read your dog’s body language is incredibly valuable to ensure your session goes smoothly, but also because their portraits will reflect who you see every day. A whale-eyed dog is not a relaxed and happy dog no matter how funny the snap may look. Since they can’t speak to us (unless they are Stella from Hunger For Words – check out her and her human’s incredible journey if you aren’t familiar with her), it’s our job to advocate for them.

Working with a dog photographer will guarantee your pets’ portraits are chock full of the best angles. Dogs vary in size by a large degree, but most tend to be smaller than the average height of a North American adult female (unless they are on their hind legs. To capture engaging, impactful moments, pet photographers will understand the need to get on your dog’s level. Imagine it to be similar to witnessing the view your dog sees every day.

7. They aren’t with us forever

It’s the unfortunate reality that we simply don’t get enough time with our beloved animals. Time goes by quickly.

When I was young, I used to always want to be older. Meanwhile, I felt time would go by so slowly. I always thought people were lying when they said it goes by quicker as you age, but let me be the one to officially admit…it’s true. Are you relating to this? You never know when circumstances may change or all of a sudden, they are 15 years old. It’s never too early to share an experience with your heart dog.

Your life is busier than ever, but I encourage you to make the time to enjoy those fleeting moments and let someone like me transform them into breathtaking tangible memories.

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